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Estate Tax Return
“Someone We Can Trust’
Thanks for your efforts with Dad’s taxes and ours. I really appreciate having someone we can trust to go to each year for our tax prep, not to mention being able to get answers throughout the year.
– C, Tewksbury, MA

Mergers and Acquisitions
“Hands on Skills”
Brad would be a good person for you to meet. He has the skill set and temperament to do the kind of work that [our company] is doing. In particular, he is able to get into a business and identify the accounting questions. He is a good accountant with the hands-on skills needed to deal with the small to medium sized businesses. He is comfortable in new situations. He is persistent without being abrasive. He was able to take on project work – i.e. schedule out a week to do a due diligence job and to take on recurring assignments – i.e. be the part-time controller of a recently acquired entity and spend a couple of days each month closing the books and reviewing the progress on the transition.
– J.B., Stoneham, MA

Individual Tax Client
“Help and Advice”
Thanks Brad. I appreciate your help and advice.
– T.F. Sudbury, MA

Medical Industry
“Fairness and Integrity”
I have known and worked with [Brad] for over ten years and I highly recommend him for his fairness and integrity. I hope that you will find him reasonable and helpful. Good Luck!
– P.M., Framingham, MA

Software Industry
“Exceeded My Expectations”
Brad M. Capland, CPA, P.C. joined [our company] as a part-time acting CFO in March, 2004. I have worked closely with Brad and find him to be a competent individual with high integrity. Brad assumed total responsibility for the Finance function including Financial Statements, Internal and External reporting, and GAAP compliance. Additionally, Brad played a vital role in cash flow management, treasury function and managing our relationship and line of credit with Silicon Valley Bank. He provided detailed analysis of our business to management relative to Sales and Revenue reporting, International Operations, and commission accounting. Brad was instrumental in leading the financial due diligence process associated with the Merger, requiring in depth knowledge of our capitalization structure and was the primary interface with our auditors, Deloitte & Touche.

Brad exceeded my expectations in this role and was a significant contributor to the overall success of the company. It’s with confidence that I can recommend Brad for any senior financial role.

Brad’s enthusiasm and work ethic are commendable.

– EC, Marlboro, MA

Business Consultant
“Outstanding Service”
You provide outstanding service, Brad, and I am always anxious to recommend you.
– CU., Colorado

Real Estate Company
“Books Straight”
Thank you so much for keeping and getting our books straight, you really are a great accountant and great guy and we do appreciate all your hard work!
– Mand J, Bedford, MA

Individual Tax Client
“Thanks So Much”
Thanks so much for doing the taxes for us!
Definitely don’t think TurboTax would have helped.
– ].A, Pepperell  MA

Individual Tax Client
“True Good Guy”
Thanks for the exceptional service. You are a true good guy.
– L.U., Auburndale, MA

Human Resource Company
“Looking Forward to Working With You”
Thanks for the help. We are sincerely looking forward to working with you for a long time.
– B.C, Hopkinton, MA

Individual Tax Client
“All Your Help”
Thank you, for fill your help.
– A. and E, Framingham, MA

Individual Tax Client
“Guidance and Information”
Thank you for your assistance recently concerning the real estate sale. It was a relief knowing I could tum to you for guidance and information. Thank you again.
– S. C, Tewksbury, MA

Individual Tax Client
“Don’t Need to Worry”
Thank you so much for all your hard work on our Taxes. As I continue to recover from the surgery, it is great to know that because of you this is one thing I don’t need to worry about too much. But I just want to take the moment to say that I am delighted we made a connection four years ago, and I am so happy to have you as an advisor. Now if I can just be a better client
– something to aim for!
– R.B., Lexington, MA

Individual Tax Client
“You’re the Best”‘
Hi Brad, We got your packet re: 2009 taxes and have decided to return to doing our own taxes this year as we have finally gotten fairly “uncomplicated” …. (we are officially “dependent less” (although he is still here!!!) We wanted to thank you for all of your help and support over the last few years and we will recommend you to anyone and everyone we meet, you’re the best … and if it doesn’t go well this year, we may come crawling back hat in hand next year:)
– Jim and Patti